SFO Affiliate Program

SFO has now given you an opportunity to be a partner with our mission and vision with our new Affiliate Program. 

You can now make commissions off of sales for our SFO Master Class. More products to be added in the near future. 

With every customer you refer you get 28% of the revenue which equals out to $87 per customer. 

Therefore if you refer

  • 10 people you make $870

  • 50 people you make $4,350

  • 100 people you make $8,700

  • 500 people you make $43,500

  • 1000 people you make $87,000

Our affiliate program will be ran through the JVZoo.com platform. Making an affiliate account only takes a couple secs.


Once you have signed up as an affiliate go to the SFO Master Class sales page and request to be an affiliate for our product. Rights should be automatically given. You are now ready to start making money. 


SFO Master Class Sales Page

Note: In order to receive affiliate credit and tracking for your sales. They must be done through your affiliate link from the JVzoo platform. There will be no need to refer them to me for credit. Just refer your customers to your special affiliate link that's given to you and your money will be automatically dispersed into your JVzoo account for each sale.