MT4 Copy Trading

1. Funded MT4 Trading account attached to the broker of your choice. (I recommend Oanda)

2. Log into MQL5 and MT4 when you go to Subscribe. 

Search Option: In signals tab on MT4 "SFO Intraday Signals"

3. MT4 Must stay open 24/7 on your PC or while the markets are active in order for all of my signals to copy. If that is inconvenient they have a VPS option that allows the platform to run 24/7 without it being physically on your PC or having it open at all times. Click here for VPS

4. MT4 Platform --> Tools --> Options --> Signals --> Use No more than --> Set to 95% 

5. Also check these boxes:

-Enable Real Time Signal Subscription


-Copy Stop Loss & Take Profit Levels


-Synchronize Positions without confirmation. 

6. For any questions or help with setup. Join the SFO Group Chat for assistance from other traders.