1. Funded MT4 Trading account attached to the broker of your choice. (I recommend Oanda)

2. Be sure you are logged into MQL5 and MT4 when you go to Subscribe. 

*Name to search in signals tab on MT4 "SFO Intraday Signals"

3. MT4 Must stay open 24/7 on your PC or while the markets are active in order for all of my signals to copy. If that is inconvenient they have a VPS option that allows the platform to run 24/7 without it being physically on your PC or having it open at all times. Click here for VPS

4. MT4 Platform --> Tools --> Options --> Signals --> Use No more than --> Set to 95% 

5. Also check these boxes:

-Enable Real Time Signal Subscription


-Copy Stop Loss & Take Profit Levels


-Synchronize Positions without confirmation. 

6. For any questions or help with setup. Join the SFO Group Chat for assistance from other traders. 

Copy of Copy Trading.png