Important Steps after subscription:


-You will be automatically redirected to the Public Facebook Signals Group  after payment is made. *This group is just for announcements and news. Signals aren't posted here. 


-To be added to the paid Telegram channel you must email The information below to 

1. Telegram User-name (Has an @ sign, can be found in telegram settings)


2. First & Last name on payment and in Telegram. 

3. Your paypal or payment email.  

-Your telegram user-name or first and last name MUST be the same as the first and last name or email used on your payment or else you will be eventually removed due to being unrecognized.

-READ pinned message in telegram channel for trading instructions, schedule and criteria.

- Join Facebook Signals Group for important announcements and updates concerning signals.

Forex Signal Rules &  Criteria: 
Mon-Thur| 4:30p EST | Exp @ TP/SL

Risk about 1.5-2% per Trade

*Stats will be based on 2k,5k,10k invested.

Risk/Reward: 1:1 - 


1. No profanity, slandering or harassment of any kind. No explicit imagery as well. 
2. No giving away/sharing signals
3. No Advertising of any services signals/brokers. 
4. No adding anyone to the telegram channel or sharing the telegram link. 
5. The Subscription for this group is Non-Refundable. 
6. Everything from previous session will be removed before each new session.

Important Terminology:

-WO: Working Order
-SL: Stop Loss
-NA/DNR: Cancel/Did Not Reach
-TP: Take Profit
-ITM: In the Money
-OTM: Out of the money 
-BE: Breakeven
-ROI: Return on Investment
-FX: Forex

*Trading Disclaimer*
"Trading foreign exchange binaries carries 
a high level of risk,
and may not be 
suitable for all investors. Investments can work against you as 
well as for you. Before deciding to
invest in foreign exchange you should 
carefully consider your investment objec
tives, level of experience, and risk 
appetite. The possibility exists that you 
could sustain a loss of some or all of 
your initial investment and 
therefore you should not in
vest money that you cannot 
afford to lose.