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Recommended Products & Services

Have a look at different systems that SFO is Affiliated with.

These are trade products that I believe will be beneficial and useful to any trade system or regiment.

If you are looking to become a great Trader then you have to invest into knowledge and tools.

I will grade each system on my SFO Scale so that you know what you are getting and my opinion of it. 

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FX-Agency Advisor III

The FX-Agency Advisor 3 is an accurate scalping system that has built in formulas that millions of traders have used over the past few decades. It has the abiity to signal Buy and Sell trades, along with a panel that can be moved around the chart with a simple drag and drop.

SFO Opinion & Grade:  


-Very simple, straight forward and easy to use.  

-Perfect entry & exit system for scalping.

-Good for Forex, Binaries & Nadex.

-Not meant for long trends but rather ranges, reversals & pivots.

SFO Grade: 7.2/10

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Live Trade Example

- Built in Bias filter to only take trades based on the overall trend of 2 time frames!

- Very elegant and smooth design that causes no overlaps on your chart.

- High success rate for scalping

- NO account number restrictions

Satisfaction Guarantee

Forex Trading made easy just for you!