SFO Trend Racer system is an innovative and revolutionary trading system created by the CEO and Founder of "Simple Forex Options". It serves 6 different functions all in one. It tells the trader where to enter a signal as well as exit a signal, whether it be a take profit or a stop loss. It also uses trend filters and signal confirmations so that the trader is able to make the most logically fit decision.

   Trend Racer uses various filters and specific settings from a plethora of indicators. Signals are few, but are meant to be very precise and profitable. The beauty in this indicator is that it is self correcting. If the markets does differently than the signal reading. There are safety precautions set into place to keep the trader from losing as much money as possible and in return getting in on the best suitable direction to make profit.

​   This indicator aims to get the trader in on a trend as early as possible and also allow them to ride it out to it's maximum capacity. I have built in rules and recommended filters below so that the trader trades with ease and full comprehension of what the markets are aiming to do.